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Sleep to be Sexy, Smart, and Slim
Get the Best Sleep of Your Life Tonight and Every Night

By Ellen Michaud and Julie Bain , Julie Bain

Subject: Health & Fitness
Paperback with Flaps | 256 pages | 6 x 9
US$15.95 | CAN$16.95
Publication Date: 2009-05-14
ISBN: 9781606520239
Women all across the country aren't sleeping. More than 70 million Americans report they have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep every night. And 67 percent of the women polled in a recent survey claim they experience a sleep problem three or more times a week, with 33 percent reporting a sleep problem every single night. Based on interviews with more than 100 of the country's top sleep experts, Sleep to Be Sexy, Smart, and Slim provides women with an understanding of the issues surrounding sleep and offers hundreds of solutions, tips, and strategies for dealing with their unique sleep challenges.


Ellen Michaud is an award-winning author and editor who creates magazines, books, and website content that nurtures women. She has contributed articles on women's health and relationships to Better Homes and Gardens and Health Magazine. She wrote The Healing Kitchen (released in Spring, 2006), a healthy cookbook that uses a woman-to-woman narrative to literally rebuild the "backyard fence" over which women have drawn strength for generations. Michaud was also editor-at-large for Prevention Magazine and now writes an online monthly column for women at that reveals unexpected and overlooked blessings in our lives, and is a contributing senior editor for Diane, a quarterly women's custom-pub for Curves International. Michaud resides in Bristol, VT.